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  1. Scrapspectyr, ty so much for your hard work at finding the locations. I may not use my crux anymore but I was a big fan of the creators avatars (foxes unicorns bats and cruxes). I was aware of furry fashion but the other 2 sims you said well...never heard of them. Anytime I find someone wanting to try the furry life I point them to the crux. Thanks to you now I'll be going to Crux Dark Citadel and Whimsy Woods. Question if anyone reads this..I want to buy the creators sphinx cats and bats (I saw a vendor once but didn't have the money. The bat I heard comes in a Halloween color) are there any other locations for said avatars? And is the creator still active?
  2. Old follow up but, I never did find that fox. I would have loved to use it as parts. The few people at furry Japan said they hadn't seen that fox for such a long time and don't know of the creator. And Jeffery; telling me about avatars I wasn't asking for was good if I asked for any free avatar...but in this case not needed (I think most people know if those avatars TBH. KarenMichelle Lane; you were the most helpful to me and Jeffery.
  3. Im looking for this FOX , I found it on there WEBSITE and went to their SIM Does anyone knows where this avatar is? I would be so happy if I found it:heart:
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