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  1. That is a lot of prims. That's over a half sim worth of prims. good luck
  2. I was unfriended by A guy i met on yesterday, because i didnt want to voice chat with him. I told him i wasnt ready for that right away because we had only met the day before. i let him know i wasnt looking for relationships only friendships anyhow. I am a rl female but i hate how pushy guys seem to be on here, with the voice chatting etc. Rl ladies do you voice chat with guys on here? I am two months old on sl by the way. I like it so far, but i dislike how pushy some of these guys are
  3. I'm a two month old female on here. i met a guy on here yesterday and we became friends. well today he unfriended me while we were dancing, because he wanted to voice verify with me. i said couldnt do that at the moment because i like to get to know people better first and i wasnt looking for a relationship of any type only friendship. I wanted to know how soon should one voice chat if they decide to on here?
  4. I recently purchased a studio for taking photos in Sl. ( I am new to sl photography.) I am confused. Do i use the sl camera to take the photo or do i use the camera it came with? i have right cliĉked on all the props and it doesnt say anywhere take photos. I have contacted the creator and no response yet.
  5. I recently rented a apartment and i forgot to set it to home. i cant locate it it anywhere. i even chect recent teleportation. What can i do??
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