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  1. Chase01 wrote: It doesn't surprise me that the issue might only happen at clubs. With 16+ users there tightly clustered load times can be horrendous. Honestly I wouldn't be worried about it ... If anything I'd be more concerned about it occuring outside the club. Have you asked anyone on your aviation sim if they have any issues seeing you? I'd also suggest asking the next person that says they cannot see you to meet you somewhere else. will try see what happen when go to another sim. have ask friends to try a relog on they end, sometime it fix the issue they see but to ensure it fix self 100% of time, me the one that need to relog, wait, and log back. me do passenger flites in blake sea, and it become a bet we do in mid flite on which part of me will be invisible when land lol.. odds be high on legs, but have experience a headless pilot a few times same. me will send a notecard to the creator of the mesh body and see if they know of the issue. just be hopes there another here in SL experience same and have already find a fix. xoxo clicky
  2. hi chase01, besides when at airport ( aviation relate) , me usual only frequent a club where someone will mention me invise so am unable to determine if it occurs outside of a dance club. most clubs will have between 16-52 members, so again there ni be anything consistant other then frequent relog for me to fix the issue.
  3. (hugs)me get a new mesh body a few month back, and have gone through forums on what to do when you become invisible to own self, but have a problem in the other direction. almost 99% of time if in aviation and travel across a few sim borders, me will loose appearance of legs.. many times go to a club and they see name tag, but entire me invisible.. a few time only parts of me appear. this constant, if me ask one friend to confirm what another friend say.. so me know ni can say it only one friend computer or connection to SL server. have changed graphic settings lower, higher, mix and match, but all the same happen. on me own screen, look normal all there and load. me do understand there times come into a sim need to let rez, and do see when parts begin to rez and appear. even with other avatars use mesh clothing or body. anyone else have a similar issue, any suggestions? there a way to see how another view the avatar so can keep a close eye when me become invisible or partial? xoxo clicky
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