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  1. This seems to have fixed it. THANK YOU!
  2. Okay, so I was wearing this cigarette that animates your avatar to make it look like it's smoking. After logging in today and not wearing the item, I realized my avatar is still moving as if it's smoking.... Here's what I've tried so far (Firestorm viewer by the way) Toggling the HUD from the item on/off. Removing the cigarette related items. Removing all items. Relogging Avatar > Avatar Health > Stop Animations Avatar > Avatar Health > Stop Animations & Revoke Permission Avatar > Avatar Health > Reset Default Fem Avatar Searched land for accidentally dropped HUD. Nothing. Enabled beacons to show scripted items. Nothing. Went do a different sim, still animating. The only thing that has stopped the animation is resetting to default female avatar, but as soon as I put my regular mesh body / head back on it animates again. I've even go so far as to remove EVERYTHING but my Genus head, and it still animates on its own. I don't see anything in the Genus HUD that saves animations from outside items, so I have no idea what is causing it. I'd like to not be smoking forever, lol.
  3. Hey everyone, So I'm pretty new at this photography thing, and I have one issue that is just ANNOYING the ever loving crap out of me. Is there a way to stop my avatar from spinning around/moving anytime I try to edit or move an object during a shoot? It seems like I always have the perfect pose/angle and then I need to move one little prop in the background, then my avatar stands up and spins around to face the object ruining EVERYthing. So frustrating.
  4. So, before I started creating my own items I had a few gacha things that I was purging listed on the marketplace. If I pull up my "top searched products," the gacha items of course have thousands of searches listed, but the items I've created myself have zero. Does this mean my items don't appear if someone searches for, say, makeup appliers? I'm a little lost on what I should be doing differently here, so any help is appreciated.
  5. Thanks for the heads up, I went ahead and fixed the issue there. Anyway, I understand an owner not being online, but EVERY SINGLE MANAGER also being unavailable? Seems pretty suspicious. In the long run it's not a huge deal, but it is incredibly frustrating and was hoping for some kind of solution. I guess that's life. Thanks for the info. I appreciate you.
  6. So, I recently purchased a home that was available for rent. Upon the initial purchase everything seemed okay, except that I never got a group invite and therefore couldn't place anything on the land. I contacted everyone I could about this, and thus far no one has replied. The rental expires in two days and I've never even been in it, lol. There's about 850 lindens out the window. It could certainly be worse, and I'm sure I'll never see that money again, but I'm wondering if there's anyone to report this to? I know it's not a huge amount, but I would like to have that money back. e
  7. Thank you for the input everyone. I appreciate it.
  8. Hello guys n' gals, I'm currently looking for an AO to work with my bento hands that doesn't move around quite so much. I feel like most of the ones I have are kinda awkward and unrealistic, but I'm not sure where to look for better ones. Any help is appreciated.
  9. Hey Everyone! So, I'm looking to join a Gor themed RP sim, but I'm not sure where to start. I know there are TONS of them out there, and it seems like they each have a lot of rules. I've honestly never read the books, so it's a little overwhelming. That being said, I'm looking for someone to RP with who's willing to take me under their wing and show me the ropes. I think I'm a pretty quick learner, and I do have lots of free time. Feel free to contact me in world if this is something you're interested in, but brace yourself, I'll probably have a lot of questions. My messages often cap so please drop a note card. Thanks!
  10. There is actually a difference between a Daddy and a Sugar Daddy, so...
  11. I do believe I've found what I'm looking for.
  12. So, I'm looking to join a family RP as a means to find people to RP with, as well as meet some interesting folks just to hang around. I'm up for just about any type of role play, especially if it's fantasy based. Feel free to IM me in world or drop me a note card to discuss, or reply in the forums of course. Just a few side notes: * It doesn't have to be a large family, if you're just starting that's okay. * Please, please possess decent grammar. * Para RP preferred. * I don't RP children (or Toodledo's, whatever they're called.) BUT I will RP teens if you're looking for someone to fill a daughter role.
  13. I would definitely be up for joining this if you ever decide to do it.
  14. Hello everyone! So, initally I thought this was due to my desktop computer being garbage.... But I just unboxed a brand new gaming laptop that should be able to run SL easily, and I STILL have the same issue. Basically, every time I try to log in SL will stay on for a few seconds, then log me out. Afterwards I get a message which reads: "You have been logged out of Second Life. The region may be experiencing trouble. Please check your connection to the internet." I tried logging in to different regions; no dice. I cleared cache, installed a different viewer, and still nothing works. I'm not sure if it's my internet, but if my internet is strong enough for me to play MMORPG's and stream things, I would think it should be good enough for SL? I also noticed that it says "failed to find bodypart" or "failed to find clothing" on any item that tries to rez in. Anyways, any help would be great. I'd hate to lose all the money I spent on my account over this. Thanks guys. <3
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