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  1. I received this message while riding the Pods: Jackie1957 Resident, Even if your scripted attachments are within acceptable limits, I notice that you can optimize them to reduce the lag and improve your secondlife experience. Memory : 1.6MB (3.0MB max - Try < 1.5MB) Time : 50µs (160µs max - Try < 120µs) Script Count : 28 (100 max - Try < 50) I tried all over Prferences but without success. I would like to try these setting, but I have no idea where they are? I would appriciate any help I can get! Jackie
  2. Yesterday, after the cloud dissapered, I went to a sim and though I looked normal to myself, two ppl told me I was a cloud, to sign of then on again. Aparently it worked. This has only started recenly. And, under "me", Appearance is not lit. This happens every now and then, so I can't get dressed.
  3. I want to become aReal Estate broker. How do I do it in Second Life?
  4. I have some property I want to sell and I don't know how much to ask for it. I know what I paid for it.The properties adjacent are not for sale, so I have no guage for how much to ask.
  5. Appearance is missing--I have no clothes and no body. I have cleared cach and rebooted several times with no luck. I have not terminated my avi. What's wrong?
  6. I had a payment method to bul Lindens, but it was always denied. So I deleted it and submitted a new form. Now it says that I have no payment method to buy Lindens? I want to build up my bank account to buy property.
  7. I apologize Adamburp Adamczyk. I didn't recognize your post to me as "help". For that I am sorry. Perhaps if you would have written it to the point instead of the way you did, I might have understood your meaning. Here's an example: [13:12] Crissi Yoshikawa: Hi, have you reported the griefing on your land to LL? [13:13] Jackie1957: Yes, and I'm doing a follow up right now. Thanks! [13:13] Crissi Yoshikawa: good [13:14] Crissi Yoshikawa: in the meantime you could try turning off scripts for others outside your group to stop it on your land at least [13:14] Jackie1957: OK thanks! I appreciate it! [13:15] Crissi Yoshikawa: YW, I have had this on my land too many times and its so annoying [13:15] Jackie1957: Yes, very annoying! Thanks for the help! [13:16] Crissi Yoshikawa: YW. I reported it as well so maybe we'll get LL's attention [13:17] Jackie1957: Kudos!!! Thanks Again, I apologize! Jackie
  8. Aparently, somebody doesn't like me. There are animated objects all around my house and property. How can I get rid of them? I have no idea who it is. Please help? I just got this message where I'm dancing: Prims Are Getting Low At Location: Chateau de Nolyn on a Lag Meter at my house. Jackie
  9. the past three days. Even when I try to turn the music on??? I have reinstalled the Viewer, but still get the message. Jackie
  10. I want to make a TP to upstairs. How do I get the coordinates to put in the script? I went upstairs and stood where I wanted to land, but where do I see or get the coordinates of precisely where I am? Thanks, Jackie
  11. Since I installed Hotspot Shield, I can't sign on to Second Life. Says: Can't resolve DNS etc. I tried signing on to SL first then HS, but I get kicked off after a few seconds. I am afraid of trying using Google DNS. Please help. Hotspot Shield is a universal proxy and I am currently signing on from San Jose, Ca. I can sign on to Second Life web page and Google with Hotspot Shield, but not the SL Program. If you have any suggestions? Thanks, Jackie
  12. did not extend into the water. could I put a boat in the water next to my property?
  13. and after the sale went thouigh, I began returning the former owners signs and stuff back. I deleted a tree and the whole island wanished. I went unerwater and tried to raise the terra firma, to no avail. The land wouldn't change? How can I get my island back? Jackie
  14. I have a property with a skybox and land on the landing point. I recently bought another parcel of land at auction, that I can't put a sky box on, because the landing point won't move, even after clearing it. I want to put up a skybox, because my neighbor has ban lines around a slab of concrete with no house on it and the ban lines come through the walls and are seen in the garden? I want the property, but it seems it is not a good deal. I was the only bidder, now I know why!!!
  15. I won a bid for some SL property, yesterday. Today, after putting up a house up, planting shrubbery and trees, ban lines around a slab of concrete next door came on. The lines came though the walls and are visible in the yard. I was afraid I had done something wrong, so I posted a question; "what's going on"? The reply was "nothing" that's normal and it happens. So, I guess I'll have to deal with it! How do I get my money back? I'm not happy at all.! When I tp'd to the property, I landed in the center. I thought I could change the landing point so I put up the house. Left and came back and landed under the house. I lifted the house and got out and tried to change the landing point. I wouldn't move, so I moved the house. Apparently, SL knows about these problems and they say, "Deal with it!" An unhappy camper!!! SL, I want my Linden back!!!
  16. My house is at least 2 feet from the property line. I had a hedge around the property but deleted it. When I'm outside looking in, the ban lines are right on their property, where they should be. But when I go inside the house, the lines appear to be about a foot inside my house. When I move the house away from the property line, the ban lines follow the wall? The lines go through the entire width of the house and out the other side? I don't want to upset the neighbor, but this is upsetting me. What's going on? Please help. PS: The ban lines are around a slab of concrete with no building inside???
  17. Since I installed Windows 10, the names of avatars, instructions and the search text is so small, SL is no fun to play. Plus, I used to use my right and left arrows to correct typing errors and now they pan the screen right to left. My avi is now skinny and taller because of Ctrl+0 trying to correct everything. I uninstalled the Viewer and reinstalled it which made everything worse! Please help me?
  18. I want to make my brother a partner. Will he have all of the power I have to my property?
  19. I want to buy a 1536 plot. I own 1224 that I plan to sell and replace it with the 1536. I don't use my Linden house so I want to give it up and keep my expandetures the same. Would I loose what I have coming in my Premium account since I paid a year in advance?
  20. I don't live in the house that came with my Premium account, I have a skybox. Is it OK to rent the house to a person in SL?
  21. I'm not happy with my login name, but I am happy with my avatar. How can I clone myself and sign on as a new player with a better login name?
  22. I have 2, 512 parcels, joined that I want to sell and I want to buy a 1536 parcel. Can I sell the two joined or do I have to split them before selling.
  23. Microsoft updated my system last night and now I can't play SL! The chat font size, the notifications font size and the move and camera controls are really tiny, small. The buildings and Avatars look ok. I have tried adjusting the advanced setting (to default) but still can't make out what the aforementioned objects say. Please help me, I need an SL fix!!! Please help??? Jackie... (hugs)
  24. I recieved a message saying they weren't allowed. Then I started trying to catch them and finally got them and when I looked my house had disappeared. Jackie
  25. I asked an 8 year resident and she had me check Preferences, but nothing I did worked. They make the sims look bad. Jackie
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