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  1. Thanks again. Weird on the link not working. They both worked for me. I dunno, I'm getting a headache thinking about it. I'll check out the profile feed. Web based profile? Another thing to look up! I will add this to my planned rant on the blog when I get to N for n00b.
  2. I'm feeling your pain. I recently returned, too, and am blogging about that and other things. You left a lot longer ago than I did, though, and it must be even stranger. I have seen a lot of people still wearing system clothes. I don't know about the methods for making the skins but I do know the quality of skins has greatly improved since the last time I was here when orange seemed to be the rage. Since 2007? Skins will be totally different in looks, if not methods. As for mesh, I'm not convinced it is such a great thing. At least with glitch pants I could sit down in a skirt without it poofing up and making me invisible. https://sla2z.wordpress.com/2014/06/10/alphas-add-avatars-and-appliers-oh-my/
  3. Jordan, Randall, Dresden, Cheri: Thank you! Thanks for the replies and also taking the trouble to check out the blog. CHERI: I don't know why the link didn't work but here it is again, this time a link to the latest post. Maybe this one will work? https://sla2z.wordpress.com/ RANDALL: Thanks for the add! JORDAN: I do have a Flickr account but it is also brand new and I don't know what I am doing there, either! :\ There are so many groups under Second Life. I've joined the big one but it is big and pictures tend to get lost there. I'll keep looking at the groups. Any suggestions would be most welcome. DRESDEN: What is a SL profile feed?! It sounds interesting! Also a great tip on being more specific with the blog link. Thanks for the Flickr follow. PS. I was supposed to get an email when someone replied. I got no emails so thought no one had answered. Surprise!
  4. Sorry, I didn't know where else to post this. It is a genuine request for help combined with a tiny bit of self-promotion. Does anyone have any help or suggestions for getting an audience for a new Second Life blog? I’m new to blogging and right now my audience is me. I'm chronicling my experiences in trying to reconnect with Second Life and I’ve decided to give myself some direction by doing it in alphabetical order, two weeks per letter. I’m still on ‘A’. Posts cover everything from exploration to shopping to artists and musicians to news to other people’s blogs and flickr feeds to whatever strikes my fancy as long as it falls under the letter of the week. This means the blog doesn’t fit the standard categories of fashion blog, news blog, etc. I don’t know anyone any more in Second Life and I’m reading and looking at as much as I can to catch up with things but I just don’t have a clue about this stuff. https://sla2z.wordpress.com/
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