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  1. On 9/20/2021 at 6:14 PM, NeoBokrug Elytis said:

    I hate to be brutally honest, but I would not consider your current setup as an acceptable solution to run Second Life.  You should consider upgrading.

    Before I get into why your setup has issues, I will throw out the best advice I know:  Open up your PC while it's off and dust it out with a can of air.  Most programs crashing could easily be attributed to overheating.

    That 13-year-old Core2Duo is really going to hurt your ability to run Second Life.  SL is mostly dependent on single thread processor speed at the time of this forum post, and I am going to also assume you have just as old of a motherboard for your setup; so the CPU talking between components are going to be agonizingly slowed down.

    8 GB of RAM is what I could consider to be the bare-bones minimum to run Windows 10.

    The NVIDIA GTX 730 is very old bargain GPU -- and while SL is less dependent on the GPU these days, the 4 GB of onboard GPU RAM is not doing anything to help.  I have seen single buildings in locations eat up more than half of what would be your GPU memory with textures alone.

    Right now I think your PC is running out of memory in either your system RAM or GPU ram.

    sorry i disagree i have a dated pc what runs it np at all it ran on a amd athlon dual core with 4 gig of mem and a amd graphics card a 5670 asus amd one np only with camera lag at clubs where there was a lot of avs

  2. it usually happens when you sign in from a different device, this is google not sl, i get it all the time on my phone , its because each device has a diff ip adress hence google picks that up and thinks its a attack , in other words a false positive, check your google security settings like it says  look for the device you have if its there take no notice if its a diifferent one then changes your google password it can happenn idf you use vpn as well 

  3. just wishing everyone in secondlife a happy new year,  and lets have a better year than 2020, well its certainly been eventfull with covid 19 takeing out lifes over, so lets kick out 2020, and hope 2021 is a better year, god bless you all, and god speed to you i have many freinds here and i thank all of those for being there for me over the years here sl is going from strength to strength its a great place to be and i hope the futere is good here,  THANK YOU ALL FOR BEING WITH ME HAPPY NEW YEAR AND GOD BLESS YOU ALL SEE YOU IN WORLD CHEERS PEEPS

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  4. On 9/22/2020 at 4:37 AM, Jatar Winger said:

    today when i logged in using Firestorm, I was able to move and to teleport but about five minutes into the game my pc froze up. cnt-alt-del had no effect and there was not a whirling symbol but just a cursor arrow and a frozen screen with no way to get out except to power down the computer. 
    Thinking it might be the Firestorm viewer i downloaded the latest Firestorm with the same results. I then down loaded and ran the Second Life Viewer and had the same results.  I tried with an alt avatar with the same results. I have not had any problems with others games so I surmise it must be Second Life itself. How do I submit a ticket? I do not seem to find the place for that.

    might be some background file starting up on your pc in the services, if that file is takeing to much memory then your pc will lock, and firestorm takes a lot of memory, i would have a look and shut down non eesential files try dissableing firewall, and virus checker, sl is pretty safe try swictching the firewall to allow incoming and qoutgoing conections, also clear cach and defrag fegular, hope this helps good luck

  5. i am having probs, with it as well low fps 4, on the other version i get 20 fps, also graphics gliches so i reverted back, and yet the beta testers in sl where saying it was ok, and when i aksed about the prob there i got abuse hurled at me someone called me a spoilt female dog , this is not funny

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  6. 3 hours ago, FaintOutline said:

    Using version  I am surrounded by orange cloud avatars.   They finally clear, but it is awful to look at until they do.

    I have reverted back to, and all is well.    

    I have never seen other avi's as clouds before (not old enough?) but it is really awful in a laggy sim.

    Is this Linden or Firestorm?

    i ah having lag as well other browsers or older version is ok

  7. Just now, binder59 said:

    sorry didnt realise you where in iran , try a vpn thats anonymous ie cyberghost is ok uses servers from allover the world, the prob is that the vpn may slow connection down so you may be getting a server timeout ie your slow connevtion may not be connecting quick enough due to provider being slow

    try different dns settings ie google dns number or cloudflare dns  alt this is a fast dns server and may connect you quicker

  8. On 6/25/2020 at 6:03 PM, MysteriousRabbit said:

    Hi. I hope everyone's doing well.

    So here is the problem straight to the point:

    I live in Iran and although SL seems to be banned here and connecting to the website needs VPN connection, the viewers could connect to the server and I could log in to SL through them until today. Today, when trying to log in as I always do, it got stuck on the logging in part (both on second life viewer and firestorm) and then it gave this error which I will attach the photo (Login Failed, despite our best efforts...).

    Though it does appear to log in when using VPN connection, but it doesn't otherwise and using the VPN connection makes the connection so poor and the ping goes above 600 and the game becomes so annoying that can't be played really.

    I was checking to see what has changed since last night which I could log in with no VPN connection as always, and the only difference that I found out was applied, was the maintenance that took place. I haven't installed nor uninstalled anything from my computer since then.

    I would be thankful if anyone has any tips or instructions for me to fix this or at least find a way to actually be able to play the game as I did before.

    (I also did attempt to turn off my firewall and it didn't work as I expected... it does log in using VPN anyway...)

    Thanks for your attention :)


    P.S. I couldn't use the "Insert image from URL"  here (it's my first time using it). The full error is:

    "Login Failed.

    Despite our best efforts, something unexpected went wrong.

    Please check (a link) to see if there is a known problem with the servers.

    if you continue to experience problems, please check your network and firewall setup."

    might be that you need to shut down the vpn compleatly or my be thinking wrong ip adress ? try reinstall and run without vpn , tbh why use a vpn withe sl no need i have vpn but never use it with sl

  9. hi just wondering, i have aquired a lyndon victorian home, just one question, hope someone will know,

    am i allowed to build a skybox above my house if its at a certain height, and is within the boundrary of my

    home thanks for any help on this subject

  10. On 1/21/2020 at 10:42 PM, Aethelwine said:

    I don't think they can mean there, that is mostly the old MathBear Education Initiative and there is no lag to speak of there. I have a place in the next sim, lovely area around the linden Village.

    Even the castle in the other parcel, complete with dungeon (lol), is only sparsely furnished.

    its daulton i spelt it wrong


  11. hi recently acquired a new home  at Dalton, i am suffering lag terrible, when i log on , 2fps, then gets to 5 fps takes ages to load area,

    is there a problem with the server there, i am a premium member, whats going on , anyone tell me please 

  12. On 12/8/2019 at 8:22 AM, CoffeeDujour said:

    The only main difference in 32 vs 64 bits viewers is reliability, 64bit viewers on a 64bit OS crash less. They are built from the exact same code, have the same features, and should run about the same speed.

    Intel stopped supporting some graphics when they reached end of life, which means no updated drivers or drivers for newer OS versions, ever. 

    Time to retire that box.


    hi i have intel graphics on my laptop, and firestorm works fine processer is a i5

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