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  1. i accidentally bought a gift meant for a friend for myself.. i meant to buy it for my friend.. i got excited when i got the money but i accidentally bought it for myself, i already have what i was going to gift him.. the box is no transfer, and none of the items in there are either.. it's untouched, i haven't unpacked anything inside the new box. is there any way i can get an admin or something to transfer box to a friend his name is fro57w1nd the gift was this: blah
  2. I just need $300, a quick 1-time job. I don't think I can DJ or Host, but who knows.
  3. Hello again, my friend loves planes, so he'd like a job where he can fly them. We've been looking all over this board, but we couldn't really find any. Is there any job related to this area?
  4. None of my Steam friends really like Second Life, idk why, I think it's pretty cool to go places. I spend most of my time in sandbox anyways. Only one friend plays SL with me, but that isn't really working out. Long story short: he likes to be alone, usually in the sandbox corners, never around any people, gets nervous when a person pops up on the Nearby Chat radar, starting to get annoying Soo, anyone here want to hang out, or is there any place where I can meet people
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