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  1. Freya Mokusei wrote: I'd say it's entirely likely that little to no-one fits your target demographic. Yeah pretty much seems like, i guess i just let it run for another month on autopilot and then do something else. Thanks
  2. valerie Inshan wrote: Pasting a few lines from your sim's description: But be aware: The space is limited and everyone can delete any objects or kill other avatars. What can i do in the SIm? -Return everything from other people -Send other people home by killing them. And you wonder why it is so dead? Indeed, who would want to live in such a secure place? People have their privat homes there since 2 months and not been returned. So yeah, i am surprised. The only homes that have been returned by people used like 1500 prims for a small house or have not been to the sim in ages.
  3. I run a Fullprim Sim (M) since 2 Months which provides everyone who wants Free Land. I am kinda suprised about the lack of people interested in free land where they can be creative and do what they want. Its basicly so dead that i think about changing it back to a Sandbox, or something else for that matter. If someone is interessted in being creativ or a group of people looking for a place to squat, feel free to take a look http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Manifesto/131/129/25 For infos about the sim, read this text: http://pastebin.com/NKKF78Fq Its basicly a reboot of the Anarchotopia Si
  4. here is the blog of the Anarchotopia from 2013 http://freelandblog.tumblr.com/ A difference i made in my version, is that you need payment info to enter the sim, so i can avoid people just making accounts for the sake of returning everything and kicking everyone.
  5. Does someone remember Anarchotopia back from 2013? I decided to remake it as a fullprim sim. Once you have joined the group, you can build whatever you like without autoreturn. You are also able to delete other peoples builds and eject avatars from the sim and the group. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Manifesto/131/129/31
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