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  1. Salve a tutti, vorrei chiedere se qualcuno mi sà spiegare come mai fino a qualche giorno fà caricavo l ora che li ho non li riesco a caricare ? si ho le info di pagamento, si sono nel sito paypall ... e si ho soldi nella postepay XD
  2. i have the postepay connected to paypall site, but i can't buy L$ then tell me why ? The past days i buy L$ with the same card and same paypall account but now why not ?
  3. hi there, since yesterday, seeing the lindex transaction history, the sistem delet every possibility, for me to load L$ and buy. I have loaded in my Poste Pay, the money, but i can't load here. why ? i have the postepay connected to paypall site, but i can't buy L$ then tell me why ?
  4. i try to tell to ll it but no answer.. and that account are still in hold ... maybe i made a mistake, selling to that guest, but i ask to him many times, really and he say no, just, because he think i'm stupid. Celesa account was made by me, so i'm the real owner of it, i just take it back thats all, but i would like to have back.. but if i can contact ll in any form and don't answer .. so tell me haw to contact it for tell him haw the thing can happened
  5. hello to every one, this is the second time i ask a question here, for the same account Celesa resident. What happend ? that account was in hand of a friends, and i ask to him back me, it's my, he tell no, and i take back by force, and after some minutes the admin log me out ... and i'm asking why if the account is my ? i don't violate any rules, i just take it to me the owner of Celesa resident. The last surprise is now Celesa account is on hold.. and i make much request for have back, but no answer .. can some one tell me wat i can do now ?
  6. hi there, i ask to back my account because i can't have accses... but i don't have now any av in the mail.. where i sign celesa resident, and now the support tell me information wrong D: can help me please D: ?
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