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  1. So I have a PayPal account with cash on it and I wanted to use it to buy lindens But when I go to add my PayPal account to my Secondlife account it says I need a major credit card and I don't use one so is there any way I can get lindens with the cash on my PayPal? XOXOXO Veronika
  2. So I've been wanting to buy land and set it up to let others live on this land. So I've tried to do it from this site and it asks for about a 1,000 and some US dollars... Why can't I buy with $L?
  3. Would a AUSU ET2020 AUKK-03 work for SL?
  4. I need help on picking a desktop computer to run SL.. I would like it if it met or exceeds system requirements. Like where can I find a computer with windows 8.1, 64-bit prossor, 4-8 GB, 1024x768 pixels or more, with a great graphics cards. I just need something that can run it and no lags without burning a hole in my pocket, Is this possible? HELP!
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