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  1. GOOD! You are so embarrassing. LOL
  2. I wish there were more SL women like you. All of my dating experiences in here have been *****. The women are too intense. Is cloning an option for you?
  3. OK my silly question: But, how do people log in multple avatars on SL? I am not talking two or 3 , but I've seen people with up to 10 avatars logged in on one sim. Even using ligth veiwers like RAGECAST I can only get 3 on. Any ideas?
  4. You might have better luck finding what you're looking for if you used an avatar with another name, doll. I don't know many people who would befriend or adopt a hooker...let alone a bloody one. Just saying. You're inviting the wrong type of attention.
  5. Hey! Single dad looking for a teen son. I have a daughter from a previous relationship and I'm dating a wonderful woman. I have a home and we all spend much time together enjoy things SL has to offer. I am usually leading a modern life, but also enjoy period sims and clothing. This is a G-Rated relationship. Also I have nothing against homosexuals, but my preference is for a son who is into girls only. Please message me here or inworld if you'd like to know more. Thanks!
  6. I admit, when I looked into your profile I was expecting some upity BOSL chick living in The Groves or somewhere. Lol How wrong was I! Your criteria for a mate have certainly been enhanced. You're on here dictating mesh body, mesh hair, muscles, handsome...yet your husband in your profile is attending your weddng in the most newbie suit ever. Your dress is also from the dark ages, the church..heck even the cake looks like it's been rolled out from FREEBIE DUNGEON. And according to your profile you were wed in 2014. So much mesh was available then, yes. And I see you're pregnant! What pregnant newly wed christian will try to find another man in her husband's absence? LOL This must be a joke. If not you are quite delusional. :smileyvery-happy:
  7. I swear, some people are so freakin delusional:matte-motes-shocked:
  8. Hey! I came across this article from some years ago and was brought to tears as it's so damned funny. Take a look. and BE CAREFUL WHO YOU MEET IN RL. :smileyvery-happy: http://www.cnet.com/news/woman-to-virtual-ex-i-wont-be-ignored/
  9. Reading this post has filled my mind with colorful images. Allow me to share a few:
  10. -is-bigger-than-yours-now-sit-down.jpg' src='//content.invisioncic.com/Mseclife/image_extract/.jpg'>LOLLLLL!
  11. I agree with you Muletta. Happiness doesn't have to involve ball and chaining yourself to someone, especially if it could possibly result in crazy drama. Is it just me or is there an increasing amount of men who just don't want to be in a marriage or partnership anymore?? And I am one of them! It's not that we desire this freedom from commitment. Its not that we're not good and responsible men. It's not that we don't seek true romance.... It's simply women like JKimikol who deter us! Barking and nitpicking and taking every word out of our mouths and scrutiinizing them. I feel your pain Nathaneiil. Been there done that with the wedding chapel. I wish you luck in finding the woman you want. There are still many wonderful ladies out there. Don't lose hope.
  12. Don't forget the crazy mood swinging, the crying and the clingy tantrums...those will definitely send him for the hills too! :matte-motes-silly:
  13. I agree with the posters that said it's time to move on. I mean...clearly there is no balance. Things have changed since your 2 year agreement. In SL that is a lifetime. It's not worth driving yourself insane over and continuously confronting him will drive him nuts too. Just not worth it. I honestly suggest not trying to pursue a real serious "RL type" relationship in here. I know for women that may be harder than it is for men as women tend to be more emotion driven. Like I said before..SL is not the best platform for this unless both parties are really on the same page with needing that kind of life. In RL men have the wife and kids, mowing the lawn every saturday, washing the car, fixing things around the house, spending their evenings watching G rated tv shows with the family only to retire to bed with their wives in faded pj's and her face covered in a new age defying cream. And this is all fine as we love our RL family. BUT when we come in SL do we really want to live that same way? Even if we say we want to trust me, there are many temptations in here that are hard to resist. We get to be someone else for a while. There's nothing wrong with transforming into a viking warrior with a few gorgeous, scantily clad maidens waiting in his tent. Or the millionaire playboy combing the jazz clubs for a one night stand. Or whatever the fantasy is. And women have these fantasies too. The only thing that makes any of this "wrong" is when people come in SL and try to imprint RL into it. What's the point of even logging in then? Just be in RL. Try to find a serious relationship in the serious RL world. Not a fantasy cartoon world.
  14. Well, I don't see any guys answering..so I'll say what I think here. This is SL...you have to remember that. Trying to extract RL devotion and dedication from it will most likely cause you pain..and cause your partner frustration. For most men..this is a fantasy world. Women too I'd imagine. We come in here to experience things that we can only dream of in RL...so the idea of coming in SL and just doing the same RL stuff is very boring and restricting. You will only drive yourself insane by watching the log in date of his alt. Take it for what it is..he is faithful to you on his main avatar and enjoys some kinky after hours stuff on another. Simple. IT'S SECONDLIFE.. don't take it so seriously. I've met far too many women who are trying to fill voids in SL . This virtual world can be useful to a certain extent in that regard, BUT... in my opinion...it's not a good platform for serious relationships. Both partners would really have to be on the same page and needing the same thing for there to be balance in that.
  15. Hi! I'm looking for a NON BLOODLINES lycan clan to join. A loyal and close clan of people with little to no drama.
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