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  1. Y'all better be right. They'd probably have a class action lawsuit on their hands if they DID try to shut the game down. Inworldz still sucks.
  2. I keep reading about SL closing down, all over the net. What would become of the economy? Some people make a living here, a very good one in fact. I was just going to start a blog because it's hard to find current information on what's hot in SL, but then I started getting a lot of noise about SL ending, and everybody is going to have to go to inworldz and start over from scratch. I get to the Inworld 'pick an avatar' screen and am sickened by the ugliness of the avatars. Or maybe I'm just sick because I dropped about 20kL in the past week for a virtual world that probably won't exist in a few months. No big, really. Not for me. Not compared to the people with literally millions invested in and coming from the game. I don't see me moving. I think a lot of people who have been here since the mid-2000's would have a hard time saying "Okay, all that I have is now gone, and they want me to start over - why. So they can do it all again in 5-10 years?" I think not.
  3. I upgraded, went looking for live support, and got directed here. Oooookay. So I upgraded, got a house, and now can't put anything in it except the bonus gift (lovely Christmas items, by the way.Thanks ever so.) What is the point of me having a house if I keep getting the message that the owner of this land does not allow it.
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