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  1. Hi someone has been going around the Sorinsen sim area and Griefing parcels that allowed anyone to place items and its reaking havoc around the whole sorinsen sim. the item thats doing it is called CUBE and is also on my neighbors property thats in Zoxen. I contacted my friend to let her know about it but shes not on very much and not sure she will get the message in a timeley maner. i have gotten a few angrey ims from others on the sim about the griefing because i had mine set to anyone as well but quickly changed it to group only, and im still seeing the prims and waht not raining down and cleared everthing from my parcel that was not mine. please someone give me some info that could possibly get this fixed really quickly because its really getting aggrovating and sickining with the very disturbing pictures and what not raining down all over the place. so in short who do i need to see about getting the sim wide fixed and rid of this "CUBE" item thats causing the griefing
  2. thank you and then heres my secondary question, how do i go about making it where 1 rotates on the x axis of the root prim and the other on the Y or Z axis of the root prim
  3. i am trying to figure out what script do i need to use to get 2 spheres to orbit/rotate each other like a planet or an electron on a molecule
  4. Im trying to get these 7 prims i have linked together to all glow at same time and be toggled. anyone know a sciprt that can do this? i cant seem to figure it out and its driveing me nuts cause i dont know how to read the scripts
  5. Thanks Wicked for the info. are there any more possible shops?
  6. im not sure if this is in the proper forum on not but it was best i could find that fit what i was needing. so does anyone have any ideas of some cheap good combat shops that sells combat items for combat rpgs? more prefer something like a mages staff with spell animations and effects for rpgs.
  7. sorry if i was confusing people i was meaning i am going to pay the LL tier level but i dont want to "rent" the parcel i want to own it
  8. Got the parcel i was looking for thanks ^-^
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