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  1. Sorry. https://gyazo.com/8b495e2a22a4debaaefffa5311ba44b7 vs. https://gyazo.com/df0be49e59332a287671a7d2d24c7336
  2. First Issue: I am a gacha reseller. I have these items unlisted in my in world MP information: https://gyazo.com/4fb4666ea09ca227feeb67fcf1478227 On the website, I have this: https://gyazo.com/e71967c9fbab61cf1dddaf8c7b849498 This tells me that there are 31 missing items in my merchant's listings. Second Issue: I set up items for one in stock. A person buys that. That person tells me they have that item. The folder is kicked back as unlisted, but it still has the item in it, and does not show as being out of stock. I want to be sure that people are getting the right items th
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