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  1. So i tried to buy L$ 3 times now, i know i have money in my bank, but for some reasons it didn't work it says that my payment method didn't work, Normaly it would work fine, but this time it didn't work, it's really annyoing that something u know that should work, doesn't work right now, does anyone know what i could do or whats wrong?
  2. I just wasted 1400Li on something Which didn't even work and i found it on Marketplace, i'm tired of going around not being able to get my money, back so, Why can't i get my money back when this kind of things happen???
  3. An internal error prevented us from properly updating your viewer. The L$ balance or parcel holdings displayed in your viewer may not reflect your actual balance on the servers i just got in -1 and i lost 302 L What the heck is going on??? that also did happen to me yesterday aswell and then i lost 100L
  4. ( Y ) Pixel puss ( Y ) Hooded Cloak ONLY Mid Tone (MESH) EDITABLE&TINTABLE! Male&Female Sizes i bought one of these for 280 Li tho when i was going to put it on the ground it vanished (i didn't know i was in a private place) please help me i beg of you :(!
  5. Yuette

    Limiting Logins?

    Problably some of us cannot get online yet
  6. First of all you should use Firestorm, its better and second of all everyone is having that trouble right now, its down in maintance, so we'll have to wait for a while
  7. I agree with you!, they should hurry up already
  8. please tell me, when can i log in again? it feels for me it takes longer then it should. and i also live in norway so i have no clue when it will open again
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