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  1. I think it was my fault, but here is what happened: I met someone with my Avatar, they liked me and talked to me, and although on their main char they had obligations, they had an alt, untouched and changed it for me to my liking. <My first thought is, this does not seem right and seems desperate> but I played along and we talked got to know each other and such. The more we talked I was like ok this person not half bad. Well I think I said something to the tune of I could see my self being yours and you being mine, but did not really think of the implications or gravity of what I s
  2. Syo, 1. I did not say all men, I said some men, and women too for that matter. But I digress some people do have fantasies of having a husband / wife, kids etc. and they might actually find each other in Second Life. That is a fact you are absolutely right, However I am right that Second Life is not designed as a dating website. in reply to your rebuttal on number 2 , you forget the topic of this post, a majority of the breakups here on second life are because of infidelity lets face it. SO I use the word Fantasy in the sexual term of the word. Both you and I know the word means so mu
  3. True, you shouldn't close yourself off to the possibility that someone you meet here could in fact be the one you were meant to meet. I suppose I just see failed relationships too much already, at least it seems that way with everyone my Avatar has met.
  4. After being on Second Life for a few months I have came to the same conclusion: Marriages , Partnerships, Monogamous Relationships, Boy Friend / Girl Friend Scenario's don't work for the most part. And these are the reasons why I have found. 1. A good portion of the guys that play second life want to act like single guys and hunt for girls, and regardless of how good your avatar looks, even if he married you , there is always another Avatar he wouldn't mind playing with. This is because Second Life is based on each persons individual fantasies they want their Avatar to experience, even if th
  5. Skylar, Ask your self this question what is the meaning of Second Life? It is a fairly simple question but if you take time to examine the answer you will find that it does not matter at all. Second Life is exactly what the name implies, regardless of what sex plays what avatar. Your whole existence as a role player in second life is to exactly do just that have a life or lives if you have more than one avatar, that you might never do in reality. For example I could never be a female in reality and not that I have no opposite sex avatar on here, this game allows me as a player to expl
  6. They need to hurry up and finish already , cutomers with premium accounts like me are paying good money to be able to log in.
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