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  1. I think it was my fault, but here is what happened: I met someone with my Avatar, they liked me and talked to me, and although on their main char they had obligations, they had an alt, untouched and changed it for me to my liking. <My first thought is, this does not seem right and seems desperate> but I played along and we talked got to know each other and such. The more we talked I was like ok this person not half bad. Well I think I said something to the tune of I could see my self being yours and you being mine, but did not really think of the implications or gravity of what I said. They took it literally. Well I was in the middle of some time with my SL family which is just more like a group of SL friends, when this person popped in and started talking about how I was now their Boy friend, and even talking of our private time together etc. Ummm I was not prepared for it, and was embarrassed. And I could see how they could make the mistake since I brought up the topic of me seeing myself as that, but I wasn't like serious. Anyhow I decided its best to not see each other, and told them so. But they are actually a good person, who I left hurting. I wouldn't mind repairing the friendship, but afraid it would be taken the wrong way or do you think I should let it go they do take things quite literally so Id have to be on my toes.
  2. Syo, 1. I did not say all men, I said some men, and women too for that matter. But I digress some people do have fantasies of having a husband / wife, kids etc. and they might actually find each other in Second Life. That is a fact you are absolutely right, However I am right that Second Life is not designed as a dating website. in reply to your rebuttal on number 2 , you forget the topic of this post, a majority of the breakups here on second life are because of infidelity lets face it. SO I use the word Fantasy in the sexual term of the word. Both you and I know the word means so much more than my limited use as I only used it limited to the subject matter at hand. Fantasy could be from being a pilot to a demon or dragon here......we know that. in Regards to point 3 again I am talking generally speaking, and it is a fact that in certain clans which you do or don't need to join you are expected to be the property of the shared clan or subservient sex slave to your master. Depending on the clan. Is it not true? And where did I say every clan? I said certain clans. Does everyone have a choice here? Of course they do, but let me ask you a serious question? If you met a male Avatar Syo, who was not in a clan and really wanted a serious committed relationship vs. a male avatar who wanted one but told you prior that he belongs to say a Vampire clan for example and that his clan holds priority who are you more likely to date? The one you perceive will be loyal to you. Even if the other guy was hotter, better dressed, better mannered, more respectful? In regards to 5, I did not generalize it as much as a should have. There are in fact people who have fallen in love here carried to the real world and got married that's a fact. But I would wager that more people here have had a failed relationship then successful ones. And while it may be true I need more than 3 months of experience to post opinions. I have only posted what I have seen so far, and the number of people guys and girls who I have in fact met and talked with and told me what they have been through here.
  3. True, you shouldn't close yourself off to the possibility that someone you meet here could in fact be the one you were meant to meet. I suppose I just see failed relationships too much already, at least it seems that way with everyone my Avatar has met.
  4. After being on Second Life for a few months I have came to the same conclusion: Marriages , Partnerships, Monogamous Relationships, Boy Friend / Girl Friend Scenario's don't work for the most part. And these are the reasons why I have found. 1. A good portion of the guys that play second life want to act like single guys and hunt for girls, and regardless of how good your avatar looks, even if he married you , there is always another Avatar he wouldn't mind playing with. This is because Second Life is based on each persons individual fantasies they want their Avatar to experience, even if they could not do it or think about doing it to someone in real life. 2. Second Life by definition is to make your avatar and do what ever fantasies you want, fantasies of committing adultery, sex with strangers, group sex, same sex, bondage, slavery, even Bestiality as gross as it is and sounds. So while you are a happy person with dreams of a beautiful wedding and a single partner who is faithful, unless you find someone with the same fantasy from the beginning, it is destined to fail. 3. There is too much opportunity to screw around, Second life families for one thing, You might be committed to someone but if you are in a clan or a Second life family they are often open and even expect play time from you. That is hardly a recipe for a faithful committed relationship. 4. My fantasy is not necessarily your fantasy. Which simply means they might have a complete different agenda then you so unless you are up front and honest about it from square 1, you wont last. 5. Second Life is not a dating site, this is a game a fantasy, and its not designed for you to meet real people and get to know them in real life. Although it happens, I am sure, the whole point of the game is to escape your real life. There are more reasons but my point is people expect too much here and in reality most of us don't want to know you only as friends with benefits. If desire to be married here then just keep that in mind. Cause so far I have heard people talk about no less than 20 break ups in a 3 month of my Second life experience...and They all say the same thing ...Lying ...Cheating....no good.....etc...Maybe that was because they wanted it as their fantasy and are happy about it....
  5. Skylar, Ask your self this question what is the meaning of Second Life? It is a fairly simple question but if you take time to examine the answer you will find that it does not matter at all. Second Life is exactly what the name implies, regardless of what sex plays what avatar. Your whole existence as a role player in second life is to exactly do just that have a life or lives if you have more than one avatar, that you might never do in reality. For example I could never be a female in reality and not that I have no opposite sex avatar on here, this game allows me as a player to explore that side if I so desire. The whole point of second life is to do things explore things and be things you never thought possible. Now it is true that real feelings get involved and people want to take it to another level. However Second Life is not the best format to meet people and establish long term relationships. Notice I said not the best place, I am sure it happens. But think about why second life is so amazing. Because it allows a player to have multiple sex partners (which they might not do IRL) It allows people to Marry and subsequently Cheat on their better half something they may not do in Real Life, but like it as a fantasy. The key word being fantasy, to them its their fantasy to marry then cheat or establish a long term SL relationship and screw around, to you it might break your heart. This game is designed to allow you to make your utmost fantasies come true so no it does not matter who plays what, avatar. People that cant separate the Fantasy which is Second Life from Reality are destined to get heart broken here. Now the thing is 90% of players playing the opposite sex avatars are obvious and have no clue how to act like the opposite sex, often their screen name alone gives them away or the way they talk and act. Every single player on Second life should never assume what anyone says on second life or acts like is real until you really talk outside of second life, and even then they still could be married or hiding something. Above all else remember its a game, meant for entertainment purposes, and it is easy to get emotionally attached to others especially when you are intimate with them here. But try to remember that they are enjoying their version of whatever fantasy they want for their char, just as you are yours. If people can't handle finding out that the SL girl they knew for years on SL was a guy IRL then they might want to consider not playing Second Life, or the Guy they thought they knew on Second life was actually a girl, because here you never know that's half the fun isn't it?
  6. They need to hurry up and finish already , cutomers with premium accounts like me are paying good money to be able to log in.
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