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  1. Thank you for the reply. I'll try the runaway. Lets see if it works. If all else fails. I will open new account. Thank goodness I haven't been on to long.
  2. That doesn't work. Collar doesn't seem to detach. Also tried to disable rlv. When I restarted it came back on. Also have tried to download sl veiwer. It isn't downloading properly. I may have to start another account so I can have freedom. LOL.................This is getting to funny. And also aggravating. Thank you for your reply
  3. I need help!!!!! I did make a mistake. I haven't been in sl very long at all. I feel so trapped and would like to get away from this commitment. Would appreciate some much needed advice. What do I do to get this collar off permanently. I have already ask him. He isn't going to release me. The collar is a cipher collar. Thank you for listening.
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