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  1. My friend brought me into Secondlife recently and finished the last of her linden trying to help make me avatar look presentable(although it is not finished).To chip in I decided to look for a job but have not found much luck being so new to this place. I took a crack at photos and they don't seem too bad. If you need basic shots or things of the sort then I'm your gal! Here are examples of my work: http://cammykool.no-ip.info/sl/Photos/ feel free to message me inworld for details Name: Ammy Thank you!
  2. i cant code in LSL yet. but i am good with general Computer knowlage i can repair hardware and diagniose software. Can work on PC's Macs and some Linux issues.usially avalible after 3PM MST. IM me inworld for details (cammypie) Thanks for looking!
  3. i had tried WinAMP and shoutcast and shoutcast just hung on "Connecting"
  4. So we and a friendare renting land that allows sound so we wanted to eather play music from my webserver or from a iHeartRadio radio station i tried to setup the first one and got no where and i wouldnt even know where to start with the second one even though its prefered.... this is my first time trying to do anything like this anyone have any pointers?
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