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  1. Thanks, again, to all of you. After spending hours of research (you'd think I'd have something better to do with my time...lol) I think I've decided to go with the TIS HUD. I don't want to have to mess with note cards and I really like their ease of use and their website is laid out very well and has great, detailed instructions. And I will certainly check out the vendors you all have mentioned for the individual dances. Much obliged to all!
  2. Than you, all, for your helpful responses. It sounds like an itan may be the best choice vis-a-vis a HUD. The more I think about it, I'm probably only going to need/want it on my little parcel of land, which I own, for times that I have guests. ;-) Otherwise, if I want to dance, I'll most likely just go to a club. I'll check out the vendors you all have recommended. Thanks again!
  3. Hello, all :) I'm exploring my options to get dance animations, mainly for my new parcel of land, but also so I can have personalized dance animations available pretty much anywhere. I'm mainly interested in couples dancing, especially some slow sexy dances. But having the ability to do single dances would be good too. From what I've read so far, it seems a dance HUD might be the best choice. I'm OK with the dance itans in the clubs I visit. But I'm not sure if getting a dance itan or machine is the best way to go for my parcel or if a HUD or a Chim is the best way to go. I doubt I will need hundreds of dances, probably a few dozen would suffice. And I don't think I will be interested in something that is pre-loaded with a bunch of dances either. I'd prefer to select my own, high-quality, perhaps mo-cap dances to load into the machine or HUD or whatever. Also, having something that's easy to set up would be great! Any suggestions?
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