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  1. Several of my friends and myself have been experiencing extremely low FPS rates since the latest FS update. I'm talking 4-8-12. Highest I can seem to get up to is in the 20s. It's so frustrating. Is this a coincidence or related to the update and either way - any suggestions for improving it? I have a pretty good gaming graphics card and high speed internet connection, too. Thanks guys.
  2. The viewer texture memory buffer trick greatly improved things; still not perfect but way better. Thanks very much.
  3. thanks. how do i lower the ACI limit setting please?
  4. I am having an ongoing issue with textures going in and out of focus (see pics). It happens constantly and I can't even take a picture without random textures going from sharp to fuzzy to sharp again several times a minute. Other textures will stay fine but certain others just get crazy, no matter the distance of the camera to the object. See pics. I have the latest Firestorm; I have ALM off, I have object LOD at 2; I don't have Malewarebytes as others suggested in similar post. I've reduced scripts on my land, I've cleared my cache, I've gotten rid of heavily scripted items, I rebake textures with no real results. This only happens: 1. In a particular building I have which has many objects; on the same land in other houses, I don't have this problem. 2. Related or not, I'm not sure, but my FPS goes down to the 20s when I'm on my land. I go to my Linden house, and it shoots up to the 50s. I have a really good graphics card, btw altho its two years old. Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks.
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