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  1. Does it matter at what level, meters-wise, you place your skyboxes as far as overall performance goes? Does having a skybox with lots of objects work better lower to the ground or higher up?
  2. Several of my friends and myself have been experiencing extremely low FPS rates since the latest FS update. I'm talking 4-8-12. Highest I can seem to get up to is in the 20s. It's so frustrating. Is this a coincidence or related to the update and either way - any suggestions for improving it? I have a pretty good gaming graphics card and high speed internet connection, too. Thanks guys.
  3. The viewer texture memory buffer trick greatly improved things; still not perfect but way better. Thanks very much.
  4. I am having an ongoing issue with textures going in and out of focus (see pics). It happens constantly and I can't even take a picture without random textures going from sharp to fuzzy to sharp again several times a minute. Other textures will stay fine but certain others just get crazy, no matter the distance of the camera to the object. See pics. I have the latest Firestorm; I have ALM off, I have object LOD at 2; I don't have Malewarebytes as others suggested in similar post. I've reduced scripts on my land, I've cleared my cache, I've gotten rid of heavily scripted items, I rebake textures with no real results. This only happens: 1. In a particular building I have which has many objects; on the same land in other houses, I don't have this problem. 2. Related or not, I'm not sure, but my FPS goes down to the 20s when I'm on my land. I go to my Linden house, and it shoots up to the 50s. I have a really good graphics card, btw altho its two years old. Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks.
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