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  1. Hi , I am searching for a Halloween Costume and I would like to find a very detailed fitted mesh one. Does anyone know of a store in world that has some detailed , nice costumes? I currently wear Maitreya Lara. Thanks

  2. I have tried on the Demo's before purchasing and all was fine but I did not try on with every stitch of clothing I have or have bought for this Avi. Even clothes that say for Maitreya don't work and even when I use the skin and all from Maitreya like it states in the note card. I have edited my shape until I am so skinny I don't exsist to make the clothes fit, yes I have toggled in the mesh hud that came with the Lara. IDK

  3. I need some serious help. I bought this from Maitreya yesterday and I have tried everything to make it work and look right. I am wearing Unique Megastore skin and I went as far and bought a skin at WOW and nothing seems to be working, I am blotched looking and I cannot seem to no matter what clothes I wear and shoes I am out of it all. What else should I purchase to make my Avatar look decent? I am currently on Firestorm, could that be an issue also?

  4. This happened after I bought a dinning room set. It is all mesh set and so is my house. Everything was fine until I set out the dinning room set and only in that room am I above the floor normal but when I walk into another room my legs disappear under the floor half way. How do I fix this issue?

  5. I don't seem to be hearing any music anywhere I go in SL. My sound is turned up and my preferrences is checked to get music. I have no idea what is wrong. I can hear everything else such as shoes walkingand birds but no music? Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks

  6. Go to buy lindens and it says it went through but I got no lindens? Did the transaction approx 3 times and still no lindens but I will bet it will catch up to me when things straighten out and then I owe a lot more than I had planned :(

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