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  1. I keep getting a message saying HUD expired please get another. What does that mean? Also, I'm thinking of purchasing a horse. Do I need special land for that? thank you in advance for taking the time and having the patience to respond. I'm rather a newbie. Lady K
  2. Hello fellow SL peeps. I downloaded my SL and Viewer to my MacBook Pro, and while it seems to work fine for now, I am worried about burnining my laptop out in the future with extended game play time. I was thinking of purchasing a PC laptop to prevent this, and because I have many other games like MYST and Baldur's Gate and Borderlands also downloaded and don't want to put extra pressure on my Mac, which I love to use for my writings and schoolwork etc, but not so much for gaming. Is it possible for me to transfer my account from my MBP to whatever gaming laptop I purchase, free of charge, or am I going to have to purchase the game for the PC format all over again? thanks, LadyKattana
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