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  1. New version of Firestorm seems to have lumped all the notifications into one box, minus the tabs for transactions, etc... those were useful. I have been unable to find anything in preferences or anywhere else so far to reactivate them... Is there a way to get them back?
  2. i recently needed someone's key number to help with information on one of my huds. i had to get a friend to look up the number, because i cannot see key numbers which are, i am told, supposed to be right underneath the avatar log in name in their profile. i cannot see them either in world or on the web SL pages for profiles. i have updated my viewer each time it has a new version but never have seen key numbers in profiles. I am on firestorm. friends with firestorm say they can see the numbers as well as friends with the SL viewer and other types. i dont think this is a firestorm issue though, i did not always have firestorm. could it be some kind of account setting? can i fix it? in addition, friends with all kinds of viewers say they can add picks to their profile. i have one pick on my profile but no idea how it got there, and i cannot add picks. the directions for adding picks wont work for me because the links to click for that option are not present anywhere in my profile, even though i have read the directions over and over... they cannot be followed because the links they instruct to use to add picks are not there. why am i missing these things? Reply to Theresa - thank you for the comment about picks - all the directions about picks i had found before were instructions for allowing picks in the mysecondlife.com profile on the web. am glad to know this can be done inworld. Regarding the avatar key information on profiles, based on your answer, i have looked in my firestorm avatar preferences including advanced, however have not been able to find an option for using legacy or any other type of profile. the word legacy is seen in the general tab where there is a checkbox for legacy names instead of user names. i also find in the privacy tab under general, the option to use legacy inventory offers. i havent found the term legacy anywhere else in the preferences, regarding profiles or not. Maybe it is staring right at me but **** if you don't mind, could you expand on your answer so far as to say exactly where this option to use legacy profiles is located? :)
  3. I was uploading snapshots to my profile feed, then downloading them later to disc. This worked well because the snapshot images were quite large when they reached my profile so I ended up with a large image to work with. Now all of a sudden since the inworld camera was updated, i can no longer upload large images to my profile.... even though i am choosing large dimensions with the camera and uploading to profile. the image uploads to profile feed, but it is only 500 x 295 pixels even if i uploaded a much larger size according to the inworld camera. what am i missing? can i fix this to be able to resume uploading larger images to profile feed? 5/21/16 - Yes thanks everyone for responding - yes i do know how to get large images onto disc.... i was only using the profile feed to save time, save the image to feed, then to disc, thus not having to take the picure twice if i wanted to post it to the feed. oh well. i suppose you are right, they probably just cut off that capability to prevent large images being put in the feed *D
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