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  1. please contact me inworld if you like to have a full sim for only 200$ plus 100$ transfer fees. be prepared to do it outright. i would file a ticket to initiate a island sale, you would file a ticket to initiate the island purchase. payment and transfer will be handled by lindenlab then. the thing i dont accept is delays.
  2. so people write here and im me inworld. i wrote to 8 people who either search in this forum or wrote here or inworld, but nobody replies. so, this is the point where i just want to get rid of the sim. if you want it for 350 dollars including transfer fees, contact me quick, but it all needs to be made outright.
  3. the sim is currently named TEKKON it will be empty on purchase. billing is on the 13th of the month its a full sim with 15k prims which runs well. for 400$ you can have it from me,.. (you need further fee to have it transfered to your name)
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