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  1. I have gone to both Pooley and Furball, once I load, nothing happens. I need/want to get my inventory back. I have lost a lot. I don't know what else to do. Please help.
  2. i was running Firestorm when this happened. i no longer see local chats. all i get is a message that says UNNAMED. I switched so Singularity and i get the same thing. Can you please help me.
  3. i can not remember the login information on this acct. SommerDaisy (hunnisummer). i can not access it and would like to have it deleted. Please and Thank You.
  4. when i get logged in and i go to a location, it seems to work alright, but then i start getting not responding messages and eventually it logs me out. My internet connection is fine. But is there some setting i can check to see if it is set to low. I am running the latest version of Firestorm for SL. Could someone please look at this and let me know. its very frustrating. Thank You. JessicaRose55
  5. what firestorm viewer do i want to download? The Phoenix one?
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