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  1. What Linux distro you running did you try multilib? I am having issues running steam and all viewerrs in slackware but that gose with the terroritory of running such a distro. I never had any issues running any SL viewer in fedora or Ubuntu try them.
  2. Yes it is but some times i like to lay back in my couch and explore sl
  3. Eso has more changes both user and Bethisda created. Again the only differents from the new gen consoles is the os in the ps4 and the device you would use for mouse
  4. Trolling???? No you are the troll here i raised a question
  5. The PS4 is the next logical step for LindenLabs being a x86 architecture system it is no different then building software for the pc. If linden labs are willing two invest time and money in low qauilty mobile apps then they should be willing to invest in a decent PS4 veiwer. I know a ps4 xbox one veiwer would not be for every one but nether are the cell phone apps. A good software company should make sure there products are available on the most platforms that is possible . Dose any one have a opinion on this.
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