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  1. thank you, this does explain it alot more, i did not mean to sound shady, i was simply asking for a price, i do however understand that my first post was not properly though through, i do see your point and it makes sense, again thank you.
  2. thank you, i will just stick to using premade avatars.
  3. request for avatar oficially recinded, i no longer want anything to do with having someone create anything for me in this game, if thats how ill be treated ill learn it myself, and then if someone asks a question about custom content, even if i think it wont work or its a stupid request, i will be polite about it and explain why it will not work. thank you and have a nice day.
  4. thank you for being polite about it
  5. to answer your questions, i have not built a profile cause i have spent 8 days on second life, as a diesel mechanic yes i do accept payment after the job, its part of the buisness, why should someone pay for services not yet rendered, i stupidly did not think of copywrite so you both are right, that was wrong of me, and obviously i dont know how hard it is to create an avatar thats why i was asking a price you dont have to be insaulting all you have to do is simply tell me why this would not work and move on, have some etiquite
  6. i want a avatar made of the character Nova "Annabelle" Terra from starcraft 2/starcraft ghosts what i want is shape (not as important), skin, outfit (with goggles if possible), hair, eyebrowshaper, and if possible the riffle and knife also would like a skin and hair for sarah kerrigan (with red hair and with zerg hair) same shape and outfit as nova so just the face and hair basically how much would this cost together and seperate i would not be able to buy it right away, i would like to pay uppon completion of the avatar otherwise i would have to buy a cheesier version from t
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