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  1. Hey there, i am looking to please a man, organise parties, help him clothe himself, go to events or even just be a shoulder to cry on i don't date married men and if you're in a relationship that is also a no no. I once owned multiple ranches, an island, homestead and mansion. I currently still own my first ever home in SL, which has been a part of me for the past (almost) four years, it is my pride and joy. However i do still own two mansions that are currently in my inventory, one is furnished and the other is not, the second is my favourite with two pools and a built in hot tub. This is not usually something i would do but since i am divorced, lonely and friendless i thought why not, maybe i can find someone who doesn't cheat and someone who is loyal. Here's a link to my flickr, i hope you like what you see~ https://www.flickr.com/photos/126246169@N02/ Scroll down to page 3 to see the house i would like to get up and running again. Note: I am a mermaid. ??‍♀️??‍♂️ Solo x
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