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  1. Hey thanks everyone,🥰 I have tried everything and it is still playing 😑 I have muted all audio aspects. This happens in different parcels so I have don't think it is my furniture. I am using a Mac 2021 I don't have any additional apps operating at the same time. Something is possibly running in the background but yes guys it only happens when SL is running. I will give Firestorm a shot .. thanks Lewis.
  2. This is so frustrating! I am shocked that I am the only person expereincing this, especially since it has followed my to my new computer. Can someone please help. I am at the point that I am ready to give up SL. I can not play on mute. Its is pointless. All of my media options have been muted and yet I still hear movie advertisements and commercials. WHAT IS THAT?? I hear it in public locations and on private land. Does anyone have an idea how to fix this? I saw someone post the same question a few years back and everyone advised to check the audio settings. I have done that 50,000,000 times and this strange audio will still play while the game is muted. Who needs privacy I guess,
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