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  1. thank you so much for the help
  2. do you mean that i can use my own .. but i have to bind it with skeleton?
  3. OptimoMaximo thank you so mush because you have explained to me things I did not know before ,its really great what you do guys here I went down to the 4 influences ,it seem that look ok now testing in beta grid
  4. Hello to everyone I have two problems and I hope to find a solution for them I am new to rigging and I face two problems in fitted mesh as follows: the first problem shown in this picture , the hair is of my design in the picture 2 shown in my ad the hair is normal a bit long but in the picture 1 appears very short in length of course the shapes are different and i'm not expecting a big similarity but there is a large difference between them. I'm using mayastar for rigging and my setting are : bind method:closet distance skinning method:classic linear normalize weight:post max influence:8 Dropoff rate :5 the second problem is follow: The second problem is similar to the first but somewhat strange the hair in picture 4 appear different from the image in maya ,when i try others hairs from others creators with the same shape they have no problem, but i have in your opinion why i have that difference? any advice will be appreciated ..thank you so much
  5. hi and thank you for your response .. Actually I dont know how to do that because its complicated. I have to hide many prims and show as many. But in meantime i will take a look in the LSL Wiki. and waiting that somebody can help
  6. Hello I need a script that when i put it in a linksets and by clicking the command button in the hud can hide a prims in the linksets and show anothers in one click that script exist ?...hope you guys helping me ...thank you
  7. hello everyone i'm trying to learn rigging in maya ..but I'm having some problems.. i follow steps by steps tutorials but when i try to upload it in second life i have skin option disabled ..that mean that i have do something wrong, but i have i a doubt where the problem is .. All the tutorials i saw begin from one point like it showing in this picture it seems like the mesh object is transparent and the skeleton Appears under the mesh before they bind it but my skeleton it not appears like the picturre but it not appears at all under my mesh object ..so can this be the problem? how i can i fix it please ?
  8. hello everyone I wood like to know if this objects are textured only by photoshop or are textured by using materials software and which are ? because im looking for a software who can give me same effects ( look like photoshop ) but i cant find it in the web ..can you help me please 
  9. Hi Indigo thanks a lot for your clear response .. its really helpful ..but i still looking for somthing simple like filtre forge who make filters or effects like photoshop if it exists but in the meantime i will discover the programm you have given me.. thanks and have a good time. I hope that other users can help me about what designers in second life usually use .
  10. hi everybody I would like to know if there is a softwares that designers usually use for texturing .im looking for something who make metals like gold, silver for making jewellery . thank you in advance.
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