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  1. I have sold the most part of my mainland parcel and the reaminder I have abandoned during October's month; Why now Linden Lab ask me payment of land fee if I dont have land???
  2. I have a store in marketplace and now I have create a new avatar and I want put it as owner of that store. How can I do it? thanks
  3. stufso

    charge fees for sim

    I want to know why LL charged me $ 372.04 instead of $ 295 for fee of my full sim?
  4. I'm a Premium member, I want to buy a full prim sim from another resident How can I do this? Thanks Stufso resident
  5. if the sim is always free, IM, or send a notecard, me inworld (stufso resident) Thanks
  6. Send me a notecard inworld (stufso resident) whit your best offer - I'm searching for a full SIM (15,000 prims) to buy (not rent) Thanks Stufso
  7. Hi, I want more informations. I'm searching for a full sim to buy (not rent) IM me inworld (stufso resident) Thanks
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