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  1. 1952 meters - only 2000 The neighbors even have beautiful plots. wanting to sell as soon as possible http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife//234/238/53
  2. paying 500L$ for a simple script to change textures on a stove from cool - to warming up to boiling. and make it smoke when the texture is set to boil. thats it. I just dont know how to script. maybe i should pay someone to teach me to script - in increments. *laughs* no srsly.
  3. gaming sounds fun. been to any casinos? theres a slight probability i may be addicted. *giggles* I like RL vid games too. i guess if i didnt i might not be on here right. if you want message me in world. I wouldn't mind having someone to go to a few places with. sounds fun. and if you need any help I would be obliged. - ive kind of gotten the hang on things. im me <3
  4. ahhhh!! Norman reidus <33333 I am literally obsessed with walking dead. like you dont even wanna know. & MLP & i DEF. think girls are much prettier than guys I also have two cats here in SL. you should come see them. I think they could use some friends too. I wonder if there some kind of kittycats! playdate group. lol. >.< why does that feel so dorky. lol. Ohh & I've also been here for only a year and have only met a small group of people... yehp. def. feeling kind of lonely over here myself. ?? Lets plan something together!! do you like haunted houses?? I know of this place. might be fun. I dont know but I'm thinking that you definately need to message me inworld-either way.
  5. two uv's is what I had. It took me a while to figure it out but yehp that was the problem. I had unwrapped it two different ways. Thanks for the help
  6. I found it rather clumsy myself. i dont know much about scripting but I knew that inverntory_all was not what i wanted. I knew that if I put inventory_object, inventory_clothing that would fix it but when I do it the script no longer works and theres an error. Maybe I am not stringing it together right.
  7. Heres party of my script... I need it to give out only the items and not the sound my machine plays. I realize its set to inventory all, but im not sure how to set it up to only give out certain items. money(key id, integer amount) { list items; list finalitems; string name; string stuff; string returnitem; integer num = llGetInventoryNumber(INVENTORY_ALL); integer finalnum = num - 1; string folder = llGetObjectName(); integer i; integer min = 0; string scriptname = llGetScriptName(); integer random = (integer)llFrand(finalnum); if(random == num) { random -= 1 ; } for (i = 0; i < num; ++i) { name = llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_ALL, i); items += name; } integer placeinlist = llListFindList(items, [scriptname]); finalitems = llDeleteSubList(items, placeinlist, placeinlist); returnitem = llList2String(finalitems, random); integer finallen = llGetListLength( finalitems ); avatar = llKey2Name(id); if(amount != price) { llInstantMessage(id, "You paid "+(string)amount+", which is the wrong amount, the price is: "+(string)price); state default; } llPlaySound("0e20b5f9-1b06-843e-446c-49fee8827448", 1.0); llSleep(2.0); llPlaySound("81e91c22-6e1c-9cac-b6ab-7a7cab6a8a70", 1.0); llSleep(1.5); llInstantMessage(id, "You Purchased " + ": " + returnitem); llGiveInventory(id, returnitem); } }
  8. Is there any way to fix this? I tried saving as obj. and reloading. my OCC still turns out the same. I can't for the life of me figure it out.
  9. I have the jass 2.0 pub hoping that i would be able to texture my colladas better. but i still cant figure it out i was hoping to texture these the right way and not by already uploading and adding a color grid, if I do that than my textures can't be as high res as id like them to be. Is there a list of tutorials I can use for Jass 2.0 only. I seem to be having trouble finding any related to just jass 2.0 Thanks
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