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  1. does any one know of any one jimw aabye
  2. need a photographer for a wedding. contact me in world jimw aabye
  3. i have several shops for rent. can be free to the rigth vendor contact me in world jimw aabye
  4. if you had contacted me in world. please do so again. the time for the gig is 7pm to 9pm slt onsaturdays jimw aabye
  5. looking for a dj and fill in hostess. for the dj could become a regular gig. even if you are new willing to talk to you about this. fill in hostess same thing willing to let you learn at my place. im me in world jimw aabye
  6. looking for some one to do the wedding photography in my upcoming wedding. please contact me in world with your rates. a notecars would be best thanks jimw aabye
  7. have 2 left. can do no rent for the right person
  8. i have 3 shops that are open. im me in world for more info. these shops have 50 to 60 prims each jimw aabye
  9. im me in world i am looking for new friends have been away from sl for awile and seems none of my old friends are around. jimw aabye
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