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  1. Hello, we have a few skybox, dome home and empty dome rentals available. We are generous with prims, and comparably low priced. Also great for rezzing dungeons/play areas. Let me know if interested. Ground or sky is available.
  2. I enjoy second life for all that it has to offer; a variety of people, virtual places and a wonderful assortment of flavorful kinks and individuality. I am seeking friends, besties, family - to enjoy second life with. People who have an interesting sense of humor, non-aggressive. I am not a newbie - I have been here forever - am a designer, dj, photographer - whatever I want to be. I don't care what you are - but I am not looking for a 'hook up.' I find people who ask distasteful - so let's avoid that. Instead of posting here about who or what I am - and how you should be, why don't you
  3. I'll send you an IM, Tasha. I'm looking for the same thing - friends who aren't flakey, similar interests - who like to chill and be weird. <3
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