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  1. would be heaven if someone could make a tutorial on youtube:matte-motes-big-grin:
  2. I am creating clothes for Lolas Tango and Phat Azz I´ve already read the information inside the creators kit for both of them. In Lolas Tango Kit: * An applier object: it can be a simple prim, or a hud. (i´ve already tried to create an object, but i cant attach it on the screen) IN Phat Azz Kit:1. Grab the correct applier hud Where do I find an HUD full perm, for my creations? Edit 1: I´ve already done that, but, it disappears right after EDIT 2: Thank u girls to answer, BUT: I know how to attach HUD, inside and outside the screen, such as pull-in, use the Zoom, center, bottom etcetec How to create an applier. For this you need: An applier object: it can be a simple prim, or a hud.** The applier script (provided in this Developer kit). The configuration notecard. A texture to apply. **My only problem is to fix that damn HUD (object) on the screen without disappearing. if I attach the center, for example, he is attached for 5 seconds and then disappears. I do not know why, with such a simple thing, is not working to finish my work SOLVED! Thank you.
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