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  1. Hello. I'm new, and about to give up already. The problem is that my avatar keeps sinking below ground, and staying there. Every time I do anything, like change my shoes, the avatar just sinks under the ground. I go into appearance, edit hover so that she stands on the ground at 50, save ... and she sinks under the ground again. I don't see how the problem can be to do with floors, either (which lots of people say is the issue, in forums threads I've found). I keep pressing home to go to new places, and wherever I emerge ... I'm under the ground. I may be "Loly" but It's not going to be great to be this low all the time. I habe no idea whether I'm looking at SL through Firestorm, or Pheonix, and no idea how I would be able to tell. I've no idea what those things are. Like I said, I'm new. Does anyone have any idea how I solve this once and for all? If I can't, there's just going to be no point in coming here again. Loly
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