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  1. Hi. I am Stephannie3006 Resident looking for a job as a dancer/escort/model/land manager/store staff or manager. I have a completely mesh avatar. I am available to work from about 12AM-4AM SLT every Monday - Friday and around 12AM-2AM SLT on Saturdays. During these hours, I will mostly be online and available to interact with customers, however, in the case of being an escort, I prefer to keep it limited to texts only, and not voice or cam. Instead, if required, I can use it to verify my identity to the employer. Previous Experiences: Have worked as a dancer and escort for various clubs and have been a store manager at skin stores. Would personally prefer a job that is not based on tipping only. Personality: I am hardworking and motivated. I am dedicated to my work, and try my best to improve. Constructive criticism is always welcome. I am not a native English speaker, but I have advanced level of proficiency in the language. It is my second language. I am above 18 in real life and female.
  2. I'd like to work on this position. I am already an escort and a dancer at various clubs so I have experience with stripping and managing stuff. I'm over 2 years old inworld and I am partially mesh (Head, Hands, Feet). I'd be glad to get the job.
  3. I'd like to work here. I'm over 2 years old inworld and have had prior experience with customers. Also, I am human inworld, so I agree to the terms and conditions..
  4. I'd like to know more about this job. I'm in need of a good job. Contact me in world(stephannie3006) or reply like here.
  5. I want a job as a hostess. I have had experience before. Please im me if u want I will surely reply! More info I will give when we talk.
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