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    Unable to drop mesh objects

    I have aquired several items of mesh clothing which I cannot access. When I click to "wear", the boxed item appears, attached to my hand, as normally happens, but when I try to drop to open it, I get a message saying "You can't drop mesh attachments. Detach to inventory, then rez inworld". I do not know what this means. I am no newbie, & after 8-plus years I am pretty experienced & familiar with opening boxes, & wearing the contents, both system & mesh, but this has me stumped. It is only a problem with certain items. I have attempted opening in various sandboxes, but always with the same result, & tried everything within my knowledge to figure this out, but I am out of ideas now. Any suggestions on how this can be resolved would be much appreciated
  2. Tenshi Catteneo

    Dance animations not working since viewer update

    I am not sure if this will be seen, or if I have to repost. I seemed to have resolved the problem by doing a clean install, the dance animations worked, but for just one day, & are back to nothing working again now. I do not want to have to reinstall the SL viewer each day or so, I don't know how to fix this
  3. Tenshi Catteneo

    Dance animations not working since viewer update

    Thankyou so much, did a complete re-install, & it worked
  4. Tenshi Catteneo

    Dance animations not working since viewer update

    Two days ago, I had yet another automatic SL viewer update & SL re-install. I do not know if this is a co-incidence or not, but since then, I have been unable to dance anywhere. When the balls are called, & I click on mine, the animation permission pop-up box does not appear, so I just stand or sit still. My partner & I have tried several places we often frequent, & have never had a problem with before, & is always the same. For the last 2 nights, we have had to just sit somewhere, & not dance. It works for my partner ok, but he is on Firestorm, while I still use SL viewer. I do not know how to fix this, I have not made any changes at all, so I do not know what the problem can be. Any suggestions would be very welcome... Ok, I thought I had fixed this. I performed a complete clean install, & it worked. However, it was only resolved for one day, & now is back to not working again. It makes no difference where we are. Did not work last night at a regular club, where I had on my group tag. I also checked my blocked list, in case Intans had somehow been accidentally blocked, but is nothing there. I have tried all I can think of, to no avail. There have also been some other, minor, problems since this last update, it may just be a co-incidence, but something is not right, I have never has this problem before This is very strange. For 2 nights after my last post the dance worked again, but tonight again, nothing. We were at the same place we were at last night, a favorite club of ours we often visit, & all was good then, but now is back to not working again. Tonight, another girl at this club was having the same problem. It just makes no sense, I cannot understand why sometimes it works, & sometimes not. The same thing happens with both Intans, & with already-present danceballs. Things like kiss, cuddle & sitting animations still work ok, so seems to be just a dance issue. The other problems are very minor, & are not really troublesome. Sometimes my avatar seems to take longer to load, is still grey when everything around is complete, can take up to 5 minutes to rez, when before it was almost immediate when I logged on. Also having a little problem with walking. Will take a few steps, & either come to a halt, or break into an ungainly run, & I have to re-press the arrow key to fix, but this only happens from time to time, not always. These problems have only occurred since the update. Otherwise, everything is normal