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  1. My avatar appeared in cloud, I dont know wh, but I have clear caches, reinstall viewer, restart computer, stop animation from the viewer. it still appeared as clouds again idk and why did this happen. but my friends see me well in SL (I am visible to them, while I am not visible to myself in sl). is there a way besides changing to an non-human shape avatar?

  2. My Avatar couldn't move just because I was trapped in a rlv thing and I got locked (cant move and cant teleport), suddenly idk what menu I clicked it says restriction on rlva menu restrictions and thats where it has the (Invoke Stand, Invoke fly, Invoke running). After this I escaped from the rlv thing thanks to my friend, but after that i couldnt walk, fly, or stand or even sit down the restriction menu doesnt show the (invoke stands and etc...) anymore. 

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