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  1. tune down your overclock. I had the same issue, did everything that everybody on this site said to do and it didn't fix the issue. out of curiosity I manually tunned down my OC and it fixed the issue.
  2. well here is another option. I had the same issue, turns out I was overclocking too much. Once I turned it down I had no issues Mind you this is after a weekend of pulling my hair out of my skull, I cleaned, tested, updated everything and got no results...tuned down my OC and it runs just fine.
  3. ok well after testing and what I figured out that by tunning my OC down secondlife no longer crashes. is that your issue? I don't know, but if your comp is overclocked, tune it down and see if that helps.
  4. Ok well I've had the same issue. My whole computer would shut down after being in game for roughtly 20 min. It also happened when playing Guild Wars 2. So don't fret it's not a SL thing nor is it any of the viewers. I did extensive testing, and I can assure you it's not heat. My comp runs between 47 and 52C. I then thought maybe it was dirty. cleaned the whole thing out top to bottom inside and out. Still didn't fix it. Ran bios, registry cleaner, defraged, disk clean, and updated every single driver.....still no luck. The answer........the power supply. I'm running a 750w PSU
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