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  1. I'm sorry that the thread is 3 years old...but it's only one I found that is close to dealing with my question. And so far I have not found an answer to my particular question. Perhaps someone from Mama Allpa could answer this? Thanks Anne S
  2. I understand all that you're saying, and I have read other blogs about this topic of randomness in becoming pregnant, but one thing that I don't see being brought up here is how the "Fertility Percentage" factors in on all of this. If 100% refers to young and healthy, it's understandable that having it set at 100% would almost guarantee pregnancy during the 10-19th days. But setting it at 20% which is compaired to being almost menopausal, should reduce the likelihood of becoming pregnant. Am I understanding this correctly? If I am....isn't that somewhat the answer to the desired "randomness" that others, as well as myself, are seeking? WOuld love to hear other's thoughts and experiences in regards to using the fertility percentage. Thanks, Anne S
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