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  1. I like running through Paleoguest, but recently have been getting hit by a comet at the end. Three times, I have finished Quest 5, with all five lights lit on my HUD, and immediately I get hit by a comet and have to start completely over at Quest 1, having lost everything. Can anyone help please?
  2. I now have 4 instances of bad things in Paleoquest, 3 today - and I am now banned from the regions. The last 2 ban noticies today were for not wearing the HUD, but I had the HUD on - I don't know how to get in without wearing the HUD. Ss, I think the game is malfuncioning. But I need my Paleoquest fix! Can I get back in somehow? I am a big fan, and have brought a lot of friends in to play Paleo...Thank you
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