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  1. First: sorry for my bad English, I'm not an English language native, second: I'm not an anthropologist, but I will try to explain to you why people act like this... The human society is a very complex system that contains a lot of bizarre nuances depending on many factors like age, ethnicity, country of born, etc., but, between all of these nuances, some of them are highlighted, that are power, fame/popularity, money and sex/pleasure: Power is the skill or ability you have (or acquire) to control (or enslave) other people and it's the main reason for the absolute majority of the human beings to live, when you have money, popularity or pleasure (beauty, etc.) you can reach this goal, at least partially. In the old days, people used to acquire power through force (strength, wars, assaults etc.), today they still use force, but new tactics were developed, and the discrimination is one of them, people feel very powerful when can control you for some particular reason they can choose or find on you, like skin color or ethnicity, age, appearance, etc., so, that is my point: If a person or people in general can find anything about you that they can use against you to control or humiliate you, they will do it! As simple as that! Why people have children? Because it's good to make them? Because they are cute? Instinct of reproduction? These answers are partial, at same time the act to make them is pleasant and continues the species, also the people reach one of the main reasons/goals for a human being to live, they acquire power (control) over someone, they can control a fully manageable being for at least 18 years (depending on the arbitrary laws of the country)! This is awesome, amazing, people can't wait for this! Children are seen by people as amazing speaking cute pets, people can do almost everything to the children in terms of control and the children are forced to obey, including sometimes a lot of unnecessary excesses, children are including forced by arbitrary state laws that support this amazing behavior, then people can forbid them to do what they want, send them wherever they want, study what they want, forcing them to eat and drink whatever they want, control who they have friendship and in some places control when and with whom they relate and marry, isn't this just wonderful? For many it is the goal of life! The humanity is slavocrat/enslaver from the earliest times, and do everything for the controlled people feel "free" and do not realize that they are actually slaves, this include from time to time, change the words by others, eg., slave > vassal > servant > employee, and they change rewards too, like changing food reward for money to buy food, maybe in the future they create another word, like "affiliate", "conjoint", etc., but ordinary people will never pass this: SLAVES! That's the reason why ordinary people feel thirsty for control someone like black people, Indians, children, 3rd world, etc... Even the most poor and homeless person in the world can feel powerful by making a child for its own! So, among of this whole (non)sense, the SL, an entire virtual world is created, a world where people can at lest play they are powerful, rich, own land, own people, have "employees", then we (yes, I'm an child av too, or sometimes furry) chose to turn into TOTALLY FREE children! At least in theory, they can not treat us like their own speaking pets, but we are messing with one of the main icons of human power control, FOR SURE they will try to discriminate/control you (us)! If we choose to be free children, this terrifies people, even as we remember them the rot of human nature, the most of people simply can not deal with this, in the same way that they can not deal with the death, they need a religion or belief telling them that there are "something" beyond death, and they need to believe that they have power over and control at least their children, then we are taking away from them their feeling of ownership, that is the point, the true reason for child av discrimination! Any other reason a person can tell you about this discrimination, is an excuse, an evasive or fallacy to the true nature behind it... People simply need to control, or at least think they control their lives, their children, their land, their "employees", etc. If you want to better understand this discrimination, watch an episode of Star Trek called "Rascals", It is the 133rd episode of "Star Trek: The Next Generation", and it is the seventh episode of its sixth season. This episode, for itself, explains a lot this kind of discrimination, in fact, Captain Picard is simply taken away from their duties (and totally agree and contributes to this) for no other reason that his body was temporarily turned into a child avatar, so, have fun
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