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  1. yes when ever I recently try to download second life viewer from offical web site I get it about 95 to 98% almost loaded then I get this error message,,,,,,,,,,,,,, error opening file for writing C:/Program file(x86)\second life viewer\win_crash_logger.ex then at the bottom of that window it give me 3 choices Abort,,,,Retry.....Ignore And when I try to click on retry it won't let me then when I try Abort again it won't let me then when I click on ignore it jsut sit there does nothing not even finsh loading And on the window that show the progress of loading of files Ia lso got this message Can't write C:\Program file (x86) \second life viewer\msvcr120.dll so what does all that mean and why I download windows on to my note book?
  2. I was only given a choice of moderate and General for the maturity rating and i wanted to have it as Adult or all 3,, how come it only gave 2 choices??
  3. I could not get pass step 1 here is what I have tried so far ,,,, The first thing I did was to choose Communicate at the top of the S,L window and then a window saying"PEOPLE" in the right hand corner of the window and the group Tab is high lighted but there no "New group " tab or any thing to click on just blank space under all the tabs. And I tried doing the same thing by "Right clicking" on my Avatar. then clicking where it say "My Groups" but the same thing happens there too. so what am i doing wrong??
  4. I have doing the above steps but once I have eather click on "Groups" on the Communicate or right click on my Avatar and then click on "my group" that is is as far I can get because the new group thingy will not pop up or something like that. Am i doing something wrong??
  5. I was wondering how do creat -start my own group? like a group single Transgender chruistian to chat in. Or something that. What are the steps invalved,,?? thank for your time. TinaLynn Ann Bryant
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