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  1. Starting a fashion culture that combines the fashions from Paris and Milan, the concept is basically having these two diverse fashion cultures exhibiting outstanding and impeccable taste. That flourishes through out sl What is known as "Paris in Milan." Where you can also do some site seeing, before going to the fashion shows while seeing the lovely models be showcased. Wearing nothing but the most high quality clothes, from artful designers. Listening to live vibrant music that fills up the room, as the models struts the runway. What is Needed to make this happen: Builder: needed to create the building and many other things that are needed.im me for further detail Designer: needed to make clothes for the models to wear at the fashion shows that will later be displayed in the shops.im me for further detail. Dj:needed to play music through out the fashion show,must have your own stream. dj receives 100% of tips. Greeters: two greeters needed to greet guest as they enter the parcel. paid every event and receives 70% of tips. Host: needed to send out group invites for events, stand at the ticket booth before shows start, and give a brief statement about what each model is wearing at the end of their walk. host will received 80% of tips and will get paid occasionally. Investors:may be needed,if interested im me. Models: 7 models needed to wear brilliantly designed clothes, while strutting the run way. models get compensated with clothes and paid occasionally. Photographers: two photographers needed to do guest photos.im me for further details. Singers: needed to sing while models go change into their next set of clothes after each walk and as the models come for a final walk back along with the designer. paid each event and receive 90% of tips. All who are interested im me inworld made2last
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