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  1. I tried going naked and it did the same thing. I do not have any scripts running.....Is there someone to contact to complain about how clueless they are?
  2. I'll try going naked..... Lol you know, now that I think about that, that might be why I saw people tp'ing in naked.
  3. Thanks! My height is pretty normal like around 6 feet. The only scripts if that's what they are would be my AO and I have a differenent one now then the last time I tried to get there and it rejected me both times.
  4. Lol.....I shouldn't have an STD....If that is serious how do you check? Where would that show up? I mean where in my profile etc...... lol
  5. My avatar is about 1 month old maybe a couple of days older. Every time I try to go to Orgy Island I get this message: You have been teleported home by the object 'Coagulate Visitor Metrics v2 (Free)' on the parcel 'Orgy Island' I have been able to go there with another avatar without a problem. Why are they so incredibly annoying? How do I fix this? Thanks!
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