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  1. Update we are still together and we still use SL, allmost everyday. SL has tested our realtionship very early with trust and communication etc ,, but now we have that in place we have a happy SL & RL Relationship/partnership.- I took the leap and moved the 500 miles to live with him in anoher country, after he made a couple of vists too the UK too see me... and tho in the begaining its been hard, being away for my close grp of family and friends - its been a life changing experince, and i would recomend it... Inorder for us both to use SL and enjoy it . we had to make sure rules that
  2. Im a DJ and i have herd its a legal requirment to show my song/track titles while i stream music in too some SL clubs. I have done alittle reserch n this topic and come up with little or no evidence to suggest ether way, some streaming server companys (not mentioning any names) have all so told me its a requirement by them inline with lindern etc etc.. some have said its too do with the amercain rules of playing music in pubic places etc. So...What are the rules, regarding showing or displaying song titles when streaming music as a DJ to 10+ listerners (peopple) in SL?
  3. I want to take SL too RL and we plain to meet shortly. as we are not to far away - just over 500 miles. TBH i wasnt sure what I was looking for to start with - but once I found this guy one random night and we connected (Clicked) - I really wanted to know him in RL - he put his foot down at 1st and told me that he only wanted friends in RL as he was new to SL and wasnt sure how SL relationships worked. - It was hard to seprate RL/SL for me tbh, i wouldnt recommend it - your emotions are to mixed up. - i did do it tho - it was abit like RP i spos - I gave him the time he needed to learn abou
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