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  1. llHTTPRequest("https://breakfreesl.com/api/dialog", [HTTP_BODY_MAXLENGTH, 16384, HTTP_METHOD, "POST", HTTP_MIMETYPE, "application/json"], body); After poking around a bit more found my mistake. The HTTP_MIMETYPE was unset. Leaving question and answer here in case it helps anyone else.
  2. I have an existing lsl project that's has become too large and I'm trying to offload user storage and a variety of functions to an external server. I'm sure I'm missing something but I cannot figure out what lsl is doing with the body parameter, as my server doesn't seem to be receiving it. string body; body = llJsonSetValue(body, ["toucherKey"], "0000-1111-fake"); llHTTPRequest("https://breakfreesl.com/api/dialog", [HTTP_BODY_MAXLENGTH, 16384, HTTP_METHOD, "POST"], body); The endpoint is perfectly happy poking it with an identical body in Postman, and I've tried a couple other configurations, but I can't get the server to detect any body when coming from SL. If anyone can plainly tell me why I'm an idiot, that would be much appreciated!
  3. Hi all! Sorry about the duplicate thread, as this is already in the scripting forum, but it was recommended I pose the question here for more help. in a nutshell, I'm trying to use llAnimationOverride to override base animations. In this instance, I've overidden the stand animation with a sit animation. The sit animation does NOT touch the arms. I'd expect the arms to move as though there was no override. While they do flail around as I select things, the arm suddenly freezes in place when the selection ends until I select something else or if another animation triggers. Similarly, if I have the AO start on login, my arms are trapped in the T-Pose until the animation switches. Any thoughts on what may be happening here? Thanks!
  4. Thanks for your reply. Here's the thing though, I do not want the arm animation supressed. I am fine with the avatar's arms flailing about while selecting things. The problem I have is that it IS supressing these animations. It allows the arms to move to the selected target, but then the arms freeze in that position until the animationOverride is removed. Oddly, if I crank up the priority and use an llStartAnimation, it works as I would expect - arms move about while selecting, and when the object is done being touched, the arms return to a resting position. It's only a problem with llAnimationOverride, which is why I suspected this is more scripting than animation, although it certainly walks the line! I would just use llStartAnimation, and I still may if no one can help me out here, but the code controlling the animation is much cleaner if I'm able to use llAnimationOverride. In terms of animation priorities, I've used animations between 2-4 and they all have the same issue. Also, I see that beyond the selecting animation, when the AO starts on login, the arms are permanently stuck in the T-pose until the animationOverride is removed.
  5. Hi all! I'm having an issue with an Animation Override I'm attempting to make. The animation itself only touches the lower body. I've set the animation override using llSetAnimationOverride and it looks fine, right up until I attempt to select something. My avatar moves her arm as expected, but after I deselect, the arm sticks in that position and won't return to neutral until I change animations, An example stuck position is shown in the image below. Any idea what's going on? Thanks, Myshel
  6. Spot on! Thanks a lot for your help. I had to lower the animation all the way down to a paltry 5 fps before the problem went away, but since it appears interpolated on grid, everything's all good.
  7. I've been working on animations in QAvimator and keep running into a problem that's driving me up the wall. Maybe someone here can help. I'm making an animation that is primarily just a pose, but I'm trying to add in some suble swaying to keep the avatar more lifelike. With this swaying, I'm adjusting the leg rotations, and then adjusting the avatar's position to keep it's feet planted in place. In the simplest instance, all I'm doing is changing the avatar's Z-position to -1 half-way through the sway, and back to 0 later. Across every one of these animations I attempt, in Second Life the first half of the animation is perfect. However, about half-way through when it hits the position keyframe, it no longer gradually moves the avatar. Rather, it rapidly jumps through the rest of the animation - position only. The end result is an ugly lerch forward while the limbs return to the starting rotations at the proper pace. Frame 1 is the unaltered T-pose and I've tried making the looped animation take up frames in the animation (ie 1-33%, 66-100%), but the problem persists, and is very consistent. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks!
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