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  1. Hi everyone, If you're looking for a great space for rent for your shop, we have shops available in a commercial land from Infected Store. Shops around a square, so all the shops are visible for customers. You can rent a shop for: • 150L$/week - 60 prims • 175L$/week - 80prims • 210L$/week - 100prims Available to get more prims if you need. Rules: -No Tattoo's store -No Automatic LM giver, Group inviter -No Bot -No Zyngo -No Adult content -No Nudity -No Rezz out of the shop (Allow on your store's windows) -No prim leaving the wall -No floating text go the nearby stores -No Refund If you're interested on it, feel free to contact Psykore Resident or Neveril Resident inworld! You can visit here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Island%20of%20Avalon/83/33/3021
  2. Hi everyone, We're opening a photographer studio and we're looking for some managers that can help us with some works. Everyone can do it! The manager will haev to find customers, get appontiments and sign all the customer's requests. The only requirements are: - Be available - Speak English well The pay is the 20% of all works from the total price of the picture for each customer. If you're interested or you would like to have more infos, feel free to contact Neveril Resident or Psykore Resident INWORLD! Thanks.
  3. Hello everyone, Im looking for an avatar template upper and lower, bigger then 1024x1024. Someone know where i can get them? Thank you
  4. Shops for rent in our land if you're interested to rent a space: -150L$, 60prims, 225sqm Available to get more prims if you need. **IMPORTANT** -No Tattoo's store -No Automatic LM giver, Group inviter -No Bot -No Zyngo -No Adult content -No Nudity -No Rezz out of the shop Contact Psykore Resident or Neveril Resident in world for more infos and for receive the rezz group. Thanks http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Darling%20Paradise/219/109/3638
  5. No one have a vendor gplit script with 3 people different to recive percentage?
  6. I am looking for land with a willingness to keep the store in percentage, 50% max https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/156092
  7. I am looking for a graphic designer, for construction vendor / logo - payment is with all products in the store for free more info Psykore resident
  8. I have a month of paid land that no longer use then rent for 1 month a skybox up land with 2860sqm space 644prim price: 550ls week I can change the name of the land as you prefer only 1 month this price this land when the month expires I will not renew the land Contact: Psykore Resident
  9. Hello all, i have a avatar banned, has not been banned for whatever thing, (I rezzed a prim purchased in a sandbox), is already the fourth ticket that I send to get a chance to be unbanned but the answers are always the same ticket, is there any way that I can use to get more chances or to speak directly with one of the linden?
  10. Hello all i need a land with permission change group terraform and all land owner permission with this feature: No premium Homestead: 2000sqm or bigger 3000 sqm lower (4000 sqm only if the price are 600 650 lind) prim: 400 550 limit person: depends Private region: 2000sqm or bigger 3000 sqm lower Prim: 400 550 if anyone is interested contact me to know what it has to price
  11. Seeking shops available to rent, with percentage only if really interested contact psykore resident, Store: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/156092
  12. I'm looking for land for rent 2000sqm or bigger 3000sqm lower 300 350 prim or platform skybox with 64x64 minimum 300 350 prim with the possibility of changing the name of the place and mark them in the search
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